Geometry Dash CraZy III


Geometry Dash CraZy III: Enter the circus’s mysterious rooms and explore impressive journeys in this rhythm-based platformer of the CraZy series!

Geometry Dash CraZy III: The Final but Not the End

Geometry Dash Crazy III is the final level of the Crazy series. Even now, there is a landscape of troubled circuses. It appears that this is the most active circle to be found to date. This level has been masterfully improved, giving the objects more soulfulness than the two rounds with muted colors. Players must explore a variety of chambers in the frightfulness circus, including terrifying stages, capacity ranges, and execution tents. 

Furthermore, Crazy III differs from the first two rounds in terms of its general plan. Alternatively, instead of switching out entries, how about an enchantment cap with similar capacities? In addition, the characters' moving terrain is also familiar in entertainment areas such as trampoline cushions, performance stages, animal platforms, decorative lights, and so on. And yet, the characters in the circus are indispensable presences. A series of ghostly clowns appear in the background, hideous hands suddenly protrude from all directions, and scattered spider webs make the collapse even more realistic.

Discover the Dilapidated Circus

Geometry Dash CraZy III has relatively complex terrain. Breaking up segments is also a way to make it easier for players to remember. Let's take a look at some key notes in each segment below.

The circus scene is old and dilapidated

They have to fly beneath a balloon, fly past spikes, and modify their gravity twice. Then they shape into a cube, staying clear of balloons and spikes. They transform into a robot, leap over spikes, and fly downward. They then have to discharge two dash orbs in front of a spike to pass through an asymmetrical dual. In the last section, the cubes must repeatedly change their gravity, leap over spikes, strike blue orbs on a level platform, and go into the darkness.

The overwhelmingness of majestic stages

Crazy III continues with a balloon animation, revealing the player as a ball inside. The player must navigate timings, triple speed, dash orbs, eerie clowns, blue and green orbs, and a boss from Geometry Dash CraZy II. The lyrics start when the curtains open. The stage the player is on has bags, platforms, and interactive decorations. They land on a red curtain structure, yellow gravity portal, elevator, ship portion, robot, ship portal, and light portal. They also land on wooden platforms. The portal draws in large saw blades, making escape impossible.

Tool warehouse with flickering light

Using waves to travel, the player enters a dark chamber filled with cages holding imprisoned icons. They have to leap into a doorway and avoid a spike at the end of the wave, all the while a second Geometry Dash Crazy III clown lurks in the shadows.

Colorful entertainment background

Players must time orbs on angled platforms as they navigate a variety of tents and rainbow-gradient buildings throughout the circus. A trampoline gimmick in which fake orbs swing in midair deceives the gamer. There are striped poles that twist, and there is a clown with a balloon in the backdrop. The player falls into a hat and emerges as a robot while the screen flashes red and black as a big clown eyes them.

The complete collapse of a circus

A trap door that emerges from a clown's skull at the start of the game lets the player escape. The game alternates between the previous sections of the level and Geometry Dash CraZy and Geometry Dash CraZy II. Geometry Dash Crazy III's void section opens with a static, monochrome scene with broken buildings and mid-pop balloons. The player makes their way through cube, ball, and mini-cube sections, colliding with the pink orb within the lighthouse and unseen gravity portals. Via floating hats, the player is transferred between well-lit routes. The player is propelled upwards as a cube holds a big orb as the level quickens and reverses gravity. As soon as Jarak enters the picture, the boss fight starts.

The suspended boss fight and the ending

The level's last segment has traditional rainbow and black architecture with broken bits and stars. There is a boss battle with Jarak, who destroys structures with lasers, has an eye in his mouth, and moves like a clown. Jarak's last two blows shoot a finger pistol out of his mouth and a bouncing ball out of his nose. After navigating colorful blocks and spikes, the player ultimately reaches a ship section. The Geometry Dash level's name appears at the end of the screen, with "III" appearing as balloons and "CraZy" as creatures in a scratchy font.

Challenge with more Geometry Dash’s User-Levels

Geometry Dash CraZy III has concluded the extremely impressive adventure of the CraZy series. However, the challenges are never limited to endless experiences with a variety of other user levels. If you want to explore some awkward rounds and more difficult journeys, let’s try some of these games:

The decision depends on you. The right levels will make your playing feel more satisfying. The main goal is still to reach the finish line successfully. Choosing a suitable level will help gamers improve their skills gradually. Defeating the Demons is only a matter of time!


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