Geometry Dash CraZy


Geometry Dash CraZy is a mind-bending battle with your hands and eyes in the obstacle rhythm-based game! Great acoustics for precise navigation.

Geometry Dash CraZy: A World Tour of Pain

Geometry Dash CraZy is ready to challenge you to the edge of madness. A game that is definitely not for the faint of heart (or maybe not). Be careful, because this masterpiece will push your skills and alertness to the highest level. It can even reach the limit of your patience. Geometry Dash CraZy's adventure will be a symphony of spikes, whirlwinds, and pixel-precise calculations.

Imagine that you are stuck in razor-sharp obstacles and cannot control the breakneck speed of movement. The basements are full of horror, with images of a circus, movie theater, puppet show, or other similar horrors. Try to maneuver your cube into impossible jumps, despite the unexpected twists and turns of gravity. Not stopping there, the enemies you face also present formidable challenges. Take them down, or they will devour you!

Geometry Dash CraZy includes three main levels with their own unique features in map design and boss fights. Let's analyze each round in more detail below!

The Round of CraZy

The first level of Geometry Dash CraZy is called CraZy with 10-star Hard Demon difficulty. Players will get lost in a map of gloomy cinemas and underground terrain with tricky spider webs. Your cube's journey will become more breathtaking with continuously undulating and dangerous terrain. The objects appearing on the main track all have the look of arduous roads, such as towering mountains and deadly tunnels. The foundations appear as walls and paths in beautiful kingdoms. Your adventure is not only to escape the pursuit of a dangerous boss, a giant skull, but also to defeat him and bring peace to the kingdom.

In addition, the musical element is indispensable in the gameplay rounds of Geometry Dash in general and CraZy in particular. The catchy rhythm of the song "Circus Contraption - Charmed I'm Sure" has brought thrilling and dramatic experiences of the most arduous challenges. The atmosphere of art rooms is also expressed very successfully in this rhythm.

CraZy II: The Spooky Circus

Continuing with the difficulties in the beautiful kingdom, players continue to experience the rigors of these entertainment zones with Geometry Dash CraZy II. In this round, you and your cube will jump onto a series of platforms as if carrying a deadly electric current. At the same time, flying through seemingly familiar places brings extreme fear. Ferris wheels, puppets, and ghostly clowns appear one after another, giving you chills. Pay special attention to the giant clown; this is the boss. He will try to stop you from reaching the finish line with terrible fireballs. Still, with exciting rhythms, enjoying background music is also a way to have more accurate navigation.

CraZy III: Weird Clowns and Monsters

The final level of CraZy is Geometry Dash CraZy III. There is still a scene of circuses full of trouble. This looks like the most colorful round of all. Instead of the simple colors in the remaining two rounds, this level is designed brightly and makes the objects more soulful. Players will need to overcome different rooms in the horror circus, such as performance tents, storage rooms, and scary stages. Furthermore, the factor that makes CraZy III the most attractive of the three rounds is the map design. Instead of conversion portals, what about a magic hat with similar features? There are many other interesting changes waiting for you to experience and conquer.

However, don't let those overwhelming images distract you. Remember that there's a vicious final boss waiting for you near the finish line. Avoid laser beams and bullets, but in the end, the cube is still swallowed. Either way, this is a sign of your victory. Although the character seems to be stuck forever in this strange circus place.

Walkthrough the Twisted World

The first journey in the series, Geometry Dash CraZy, does not have too many segments but still brings certain difficulties. Understanding the parts will help you proactively develop reasonable strategies. Refer to the information below and get ready to suppress this round:

The first 15%

The round begins with the ship segment, with the theme of robots and technology. Dangerous electric currents, old machines, and sharp spikes are scattered everywhere. The player navigates the character, moving up and down the terrain and flying through a number of gravity portals and speed-adjusting ledges. The UFO segment continues the journey of Geometry Dash CraZy. The terrain now consists of moving blocks appearing from two sides. At this point, you may notice that the portals in this level have a different design. After making a short reverse trip, the character enters a cube state. Click a few times to let the cube jump over the spikes and quickly reach the part where there is a swinging clock.

From 16 to 33%

The map has now changed from a factory to a dark cinema. Movies and puppets appearing in the background make the adventure extremely beautiful. However, devote all your focus to the main track because the difficulties to be faced are the main mission. The character in robot and ball mode moves on platforms full of sharp blocks and returns to ship form. At this time, you can see a countdown screen in the background as a signal for upcoming events. In a narrow passage, like on a cassette tape with the words “you found me,"  you will see and collect the first coin.

From 34 to 61%

Geometry Dash CraZy continues with the UFO segment after the character moves through a narrow tunnel. The terrain now seems easier with fewer thorny platforms, and the speed of the main geometry will increase. The short cube segment continues after you navigate the entity through four consecutive portals and quickly return to the ship state. The map hasn't changed much, but pay special attention to the high-speed spider section in the middle. In the short double-cube segment, the player will collect the second coin. The pace continues to increase with the continuous shape changes of the object. You may feel dizzy with these rapid changes. Sharp spikes will not give gamers any chance to relax. They appear more densely until the boss appears.

Continue to 86%

The boss fight in Geometry Dash CraZy does not take place for a long time. A disembodied skull appears and chases right behind your character. Control your ship to avoid enemy fireball attacks. At the same time, don't ignore the appearance of spiked blocks on moving platforms. The round continues with the same terrain and bosses appearing right in front of you. This skull tries to shoot terrible lasers to stop your journey. There will be a section where the cube seems to be swallowed up, but don't worry, that's not the end.

The final 13%

The pace of the round becomes more stable after a short drop. The character transforms into different shapes, such as the ship, the ball, the robot, the UFO, and jumps across platforms to avoid spikes. After jumping through a narrow passage, Geometry Dash CraZy ends, and the level name text appears, congratulating you on your resounding victory.

Know about the Talented Developer

Surely players will also be curious about the talented developer who designed the challenging rounds in Geometry Dash CraZy, right? DavJT - a Spanish player and creator. He is extremely famous for his cartoon-style game versions and unique background music. DavJT's levels each have their own exciting stories mixed with art and cool neon lighting effects. Geometry Dash CraZy is one of this creator's most outstanding masterpieces.

Besides, DavJT also participates in collaborations with other famous levels, such as The Yandere, Boom Slayer, and The Yangire. Up to now, this developer has an impressive number of user levels, with 16 unrated levels, two Auto levels, two Harder levels, two Insane levels, eight Demon levels, and a series of other collaborative projects.

The Legacy of Geometry Dash CraZy

Geometry Dash CraZy's difficulty is not as impressive as in many other versions. However, it is the images in the map that have made the series attract a lot of interest. Even people who have never known Geometry Dash before are crazy about CraZy. It's interesting that the name of this level partly reflects its true nature.

Furthermore, breakthrough designs at later user-levels have also appeared since DavJT launched this series. Things with different shapes but with the same properties make gamers' adventures richer. You can call this “art-based platform” instead of “rhythm-based platform” if you want!

In addition, don't forget to try other rounds to experience the countless creative possibilities unique to Geometry Dash. You can try some versions with outstanding designs, such as Yatagarasu, Slaughterhouse, Absolute Garbage, and more.


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