Geometry Dash CraZy II


Continue your horror circus adventure with Geometry Dash CraZy II, an epic rhythm-based game in the CraZy series. A thrilling clown-boss fight awaits you!

CraZy II: The Familiar Name with the New Challenge

Geometry Dash CraZy II is the second round in the CraZy series, with challenges somewhat similar to the previous levels. In this game, players may proceed to confront the challenges of different entertainment zones. Your cube is bouncing on numerous stages while you imagine it to be carrying a deadly electric charge. At the same time, flying over districts that show up as recognizable causes strong fear. You get goosebumps as phantom clowns, manikins, and ferris wheels materialize one after another. The boss is a gigantic clown, so pay close attention to him. He'll attempt to utilize shocking fireballs to prevent you from crossing the wrap-up line. Be that as it may, tuning in to cheery background music might also help you explore more accurately.

This project, with the cooperation of DavJT and N R G, the journeys that should not be missed continue to cause many obstacles in your path to conquer demons. With the 10-star Insane Demon difficulty, players should be ready for the most breathtaking experiences. To get more clarity on what will happen during your round, read the information below and master your skills with your own method.

Walkthrough the Horror Circus

From 1 to 8%

Similar to the CraZy level, Geometry Dash CraZy II also begins with the ship moving through erratic terrain filled with spikes. This is a simple part with controlling the flying object stably in the middle with quite a bit of space.

Go on to 25%

After moving through a transition portal, the character appears as a cube. The player navigates the cube by jumping over spiked platforms. At the same time, touching floating jumping orbs can also help you avoid dangerous barriers. The terrain does not change until entering the short mini-robot and spider segments. At this time, a series of transformation portals appear, causing the character to change status continuously. This section ends after a short fast wave.

Begin the N R G’s part

The next part in Geometry Dash CraZy II is the creation of N R G. It starts with the normal cube segment in a narrow passage. The player clicks only once for the character to avoid two spikes and proceed to the next segment with the words "That was Crazy.." appearing. The circus scene appears flashy, with bright yellow neon lights on the blocks and gears.

From 34 to 37%

The round continues with the UFO segment, with the speed once again increasing. After three short jumps, the player will reach a terrain of collapsing cubes. This is the easiest part (of course, the first part of the round will be easier) with wide movement space.

Continue to 46%

In the ship state, the player must face a series of gears that appear, making collisions easier than ever. Be careful of the high-speed spider section that follows with six perfectly timed shots to avoid all the spikes in the narrow tunnel.

From 47 to 55%

The beautiful carousel appears, but obviously it's not for you to have time to relax. The player controlling your cube completely ignores the black jumping orb and taps the blue orbs to safely move on to the short UFO segment. This part ends with a quick but simple wave, and a red skull appears. This was also the end of N R G's design involvement.

Return to DavJT’s design

The pace of the round is reduced with a simple ship section. You control the character to move in space to avoid sharp spikes from platforms moving from both sides of the terrain. Are you ready? Right after seeing the words "this is getting crazier," there will be more difficult challenges.

The next 6%

Geometry Dash CraZy II continues with the ball at a moderate pace. You navigate the main geometry to touch the two blue and pink jumping orbs to avoid the spikes and reach the short UFO segment. After a release, this short section also ends with a monster's head appearing in the background.

From 67 to 77%

The dramatic boss fight opens! You will come face-to-face with a monstrous giant clown. The images appearing in the background further increase the horrifying mystery of the ruined circus. Gamers need to avoid fireballs and falling terrain to chase the boss away.

Go on to the position of 86%

Once settled with your cube character, click a few times to jump over the spikes. In this fragment, navigate the main entity, touching all the jumping orbs.

The final 13%

The final acceleration takes place in the part where the cube and the ship overlap. A series of terrains with names appear as the final obstacles. Geometry Dash CraZy II ends with a short safe ball, without any further obstacles!

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